Day 21

24/06/2010 Day 21


Raining all day, Heavy all afternoon

24.15 km circuit

Started out down the river to the Norbertine Monastery. When we arrived the local school had filled the church for a service. Looked full of gold like many Krakow churches. Then onto Kosciusz. This is one of three similar monuments of only two seem to have survived. A large mound of earth on top of a hill 90 m diameter about 30 m high paths round the edge have no railings. Spot of vertigo near the top and had to sit down to look at the view. Can see right of krakow and down to the Tatra mountains. This place was also turned into a barracks by the Austrians and remains an active post today. Museum attached shows Kosciuszko’s exploits. Leading local peasants uprisings and fighting in the American civil war. ( not sure why or what Poland got out of it?) Then on a nice path across the ridge of woods to Las Wolski this is large wood with a zoo in the middle a Carnaldolese monastery and the Pilsudski mound.

Started up a track which turned out to be a fairly serious bit of down hill mountain biking. Warriors with full face masks and body armour. Rode up the side of it which was quite challenging on the Thorn even with only one light pannier on. We followed the blue route to the top and then the red route to the monastery. We picnicked in the rain, retreating to a shelter with 4 old ladies when the rain got harder. The monastery was closed. So up the road to a second mound. This one was less worrying to climb as there were no building near by and lots of tall trees. One side had collapsed and was protected by plastic. Presumably due to last months rain. I could see the airport from the top and watched the 14:15 Easyjet flight take off – us tomorrow. Then followed the road to the zoo and down the road we came into Krakow on originally from the airport and back to the apartment. Across the road for tea and cake.

Went out for dinner at 21 UL ty, Had a very nice meal Spinach Pancakes, Wild Boar tenderloin with beetroot and sliced fried potatoes. Sarah had cold Sorrel soup Lithuanian style with beetroot base. Then a meat roll. Puddings were disappointing. Poured with rain all afternoon and was still going when we went to bed.

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