Day 20

23/06/2010 Day 20


Cloudy with sunny intervals

Went to Warwel castle in the morning. Very good guided tour. Learnt lots, not only about the castle but about the history of Poland. It’s wars, divisions and unusual elected monarchy 250 years divided in 3 between Austria, Russia and Prussia then only reunited in 1905. The castle is well laid out for visitors and contains 163 tapestries of stunning quality and colour from 15th & 16th centuries. Lots of examples of great ceramics from the heating stoves.

In the afternoon we went to see the Jewish quarter and visited the temple / synagogue. Not sure what I expected but it was smaller and plainer. Never been in a temple before so surprised by the raised cage / dais in the middle of the prayer room. Went through the new cemetery which was totally overcrowded. Stones and graves covering the whole area even ¾ of the paths. Head back along the river and came across a medieval fête with old crafts. Candle making bone and wood carving methods of cooking, armour, drums, bows etc. Then had a difficult time finding a post office to send our cards. Tea and cake. Also bought Strawberries and raspberries to take back to the apartment and eat. Quite sunny and warm this afternoon but clouding over by 18:00.

Went to eat at Mird Malina a Michelin guide recommended restaurant just up the road. Got a seat in the courtyard inside full. Nice meal 262 zlt . Wild mushrooms, Lamb cutlets


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