Day 19

22/06/2010 Day 19


Overcast to start, getting brighter through the day. Hot and sunny by Krakow.

ODO 3315-2076 = 1249 km

55.62 km

On the road by 09:00. left the main 780 to follow a cycle route at Zark, ended up on single track in the forest. Came to a halt after a descent to a stream, had to turn back while being attacked by mosquitoes. When we got back to the river and a bridge, stopped to put on repellent. Then came to a steep bank. I had to push both bikes up. Carried on and left the forest at the next opportunity to do battle with the lorries again on the 780 at Babice. Followed the main road through a mixture of pine and broad leaf woods. Stopping for coffee at a lorry lay by with a catering truck. Just after Poreba-Zegoty. Shortly after the countryside opened up into rolling hills with small fields. Now the houses have tended gardens and vegetable patches again. At Krypinow turned left on the 774 up to the airport, so we could follow the road into Krakow and know our way back. Surprised, Karkow on the other side of a wooded hill. Went another 5 km before the house started. Found the centre and a tourist information where we picked up a leaflet and went to rent an apartment for 3 days & nights 200zlt per day. Apartment on 3rd floor is large enough for to sleep 4 and has shower and kitchen etc. It is on UL Grodzka only 500m from the Warwel castle and the main square. We were installed by 14:30 and went out to explore. More churches per sq metre and more stunning churches than I have seen anywhere. Although the streets are crowded with tourists they are happy and friendly, not drunk. So much nicer than Prague.

Churches visited

St Martins – child organist

St Peter & St Paul

St Andrews – 1030 but baroquized later

St Francis of Assisi. Incredible painted interior and stained glass windows

Basilica of the Trinity

St Adlebert – small oldest in Krakow

Bascilica of St Mary – Trumpeter on the hour from tower. Stunning pictures and carvings of gold.

Kosad SW Barbary. Pink paintings with lots of angels

Then green tea and cake!

Ate at a nice restaurant serving mainly Italian food in the Jewish quarter on the corner of Kupa street.

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We are keen cycle tourists always looking to experience the world and it's people.
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