Day 13

16/06/2010 Day 13


60.2 km

Patchy cloud but sunny cool strong wind

Woke up to the sound of wind and left camp just before 10:00 with the wind in the south east, us heading NE. 1 km in the roads were wet, we were very lucky to have missed what must have been a heavy shower. Travelling mainly on bigger roads today across beautiful countryside in the sun mainly but a cool wind. Quite strong could only make 13 km / hr in places on flat road. The 308 was busy but not too many lorries. Wind went round NE by midday. Stopped outside Rohenice for a break ate yesterdays cake and banana. Then joined the main road up to 400 m outside Nore Mesto with some more lorries on the 14. Down the other side to Nachod on the 33 with lots of lorries heading for Poland.. In Nachod took the back road along the river a relief from the lorries. Found a supermarket, bought lunch which we ate on a grass area at the side nice open sandwiches of ham cheese tomato and gherkin. Followed by enormous grapes and cake. Went back to the supermarket café for coffee. Bought yet more mosquito repellent. The stuff we bought in Praha was next to useless against last night onslaught. All camp sites so far apart from one have been next to water and all feature voracious mosquitoes.

Crossed the boarder into Poland and down the main E67 with nose to tail Artics. Turned off as soon as we could at Jeleniow to Danczow. Following roughly the railway. The road started to climb steadily through alpine looking hills the road following the bubbly stream. The road climbed to 670 m through pasture, woodland and meadows of wild flowers, Geraniums and even Lupins. The railway climbs all the way up. We thought it would be flat if we followed the railway. The railway is disused. Quick descent in two bites to Duszniki-zdroz. Where we found a two star hotel – Sonata in town. 175 zloty per night B&B. In Poland they tend to work 08:00 to 15:30 and have a amin meal at 16:00 then supper at 20:00. Went down to a restaurant in town where they served good food until 22:00. Called Presto. Had a nice pasta and excellent Merlot.

At the top of the hill after N Mesto there was a really excellent view across a plain with a large lake in the middle. Duszniki-Zdroz


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2 Responses to Day 13

  1. Anna says:

    Hello! I was working on a school project of my family tree and many of my ancestors originated from Austria, Poland and Russia.

    According to Ellis Island Records, one of my ancestors used to reside in what is documented as
    ” Zdroze, Russia” (in the early 1900s).

    However I could not locate Zdroze as a city on any European map.

    Do you happen to know how to pronounce ” Zdroze ” or have any info. about this word?

    ( Any info. would be helpful! )

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Kind regards,

    • The town we went through was just after we crossed the boarder from the Czech republic into Poland. There are several towns in the area that have – Zdroj or Zdroz after them. I don’t know but I assumed it just meant town. If you click on the link to the Map at the top of my blog and go to segment 55 you will see several towns. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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