Day 3



Hot Sunny

25 Deg C

ODO 2182

66.46 km

Sarah had a bad night up with cramp at 4:30. Then slept in until 09:00 so didn’t leave till 11:00. Signage for the R1 was very confusing. They have changed the route since the map was printed. The R1 has been diverted to paved roads & paths. We tried and more or less succeeded in following the Map R1 through the forest trails on sandy tracks. Really made the Thorn bikes worth having. Nearly came a cropper several times. Sarah made a great recovery from 45 degrees. Lots of pine forest. Stopped for lunch at a small bar very friendly. We would have been lost without the GPS. Bar is very good with nice food and friendly host. Grilled chicken on a bed of freshly grated cabbages, carrot, celeriac, apple. 20 km from Neuendorf we crossed a wide flat plain with drainage ditches. The tracks were laid with concrete slabs so the kerr chunk kerr chunk, made us sound like a train. Beautiful fields of rye with cornflowers and poppies. The R1 signage on this section was good. Across to Rottsock then back into forest across to Baitz and onto Schwanebeck where we joined a cycle track next to a busy main road. They have moved the R1 to be next to this road, not as on the map. A feature of this days ride has been the lookout hides all along the edges of the forest where they look out over pasture. On in to Belzig where we stopped to tea and cherry Kirch slice with a very light crumble base served with Earl Grey Tea. Finding the map route out of Belzig took a bit of wandering. Eventually found the path under the railway through a narrow tunnel. This is now a footpath only, the R1 having diverted via the road. But we made it through and up the rough track to join the R1 at the top of the hill. The R1 then followed along the side of the road with a new tarmac already being pushed up by the roots from the trees. Lots of Euro money went here. Down to Grubo with beautiful expansive views fields of Sunflowers just planted, corn and mature rye. Then back into forest. The pine trees in Germany are a different variety from the UK planted close together with the lower branches removed and a small amount of pines near the top. This allows enough light through to have light covering of grass and some other plants on the ground. Then arrived at Raben leaving the R1 to get to the camp site at Radigke. Nice camp site with helpful people. Went to the restaurant Moritz / guest house for supper. Old estate where the family have been in residence for 350 years. Nice steak and chips with red peppers.Ferch cycle pathFerch cycle pathCorn flowersWildlife hideWildlife hide & meadow

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